Solar panel Voltech (200W)

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We have one of the largest range of solar panels in Australia.
In most cases we have larger output models that have a very small footprint.
Our solar panels are backed by Australian warranty from an Australian owned company.
Our long standing history of supplying quality solar panels gives you assurance and peace of mind.

Use the ISC-3040 or the ISC-5040 for better output compared to standard solar charge controllers.

We also have other solar panel sizes including:

5Watt 10Watt 20Watt 40Watt 70Watt 100Watt 100Watt Narrow 130Watt 140Watt 160Watt Mono 160Watt Poly 180Watt 195Watt 200Watt 290Watt

Specifications:  Vmp:17.95V Imp:11.14A Voc:22.43V Isc:11.8A

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    24 Months
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