Battery Monitor | Bluetooth - Rectangle 500A

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Battery Monitor | Bluetooth - Rectangle 500A

The BM16-500 Smart battery monitor is a high-precision meter that allows you to check the status of your battery via the display or your Smartphone with the smart battery monitor App.

Through the use of a 500A current shunt, the battery monitor measures the discharge or recharge currents and calculates the Ampere-hours(Ah) going in and out of the battery.

High-precision voltage measurements are taken and displayed in real-time through the use of a field-installed sense wire. BM16-500 battery monitor is compatible with all types of batteries, especially lithium, LiFePO4 batteries.


1 x Smart Bluetooth LCD Display. ApproX 110 X 70mm
1 x 350 Amp (Cont.) - 500 Amp (Peak) Shunt
1 x 1m Extension Cable
1 x 1m Fused Battery sense wire
1 x Front mounting plate


3m Extension cable - BM16-3MC
6m Extension cable - BM16-6MC

Displayed Data:

  • Battery Capacity - Indicator
  • Battery Voltage - Indicator
  • Battery Current - Indicator
  • Battery Power - Indicator
  • Battery State of Charge (SOC)% - Indicator
  • Charge & Discharge - Indicator
  • Remaining Time
  • Battery Alarm

500A Shunt Specs:

Working Voltage8.0 120.0Volts
Working Disspation10.0 12.0mA
Standby Dissipation0.5 0.8mA
Sleep Dissipation50.0 60.0uA
Capacity Accuracy +/- 1.0 %
Voltage Accuracy +/- 1.0 %
Current Accuracy +/- 1.0 %
Backlight On Current40.0 50.0mA
Backlight Off Current40.0 40.0mA
Capacity Setting Value0.1 999Ah
Sampler Working Current50.0 500.A
Temperature Range02035Degree C

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